Joe & Kelly


Bright sunshine lit up the country wedding of Joe and Kelly. The beautiful simplicity of the event created a relaxed and eloquent feel to the day. 

Friends and Family arrived to Joe’s family farm and were escorted on a white trolley to the wedding ceremony, which was held in a near by pasture.  Everything about Joe and Kelly’s wedding was carefully thought out and small personal touches were added in, from the wooden stage they built together out of old barn wood, the teepee they set up for their honeymoon suit, to all the small symbolic details on the stage and in the ceremony.

The guests sat on covered hay bales while they watched Kelly’s Grandpa walk her down the hill and Kelly’s dad officiate the wedding. The couple exchanged both rings and red roses signifying their friendship and love for each other. 

After the wedding we were very fortunate to find near by a late harvest of sunflowers. For miles beautiful golden sunflowers shimmered in the late Nebraska afternoon sun. What a find, what a perfect way to describe Joe and Kelly’s wedding day, warm, natural, peaceful, and fun.