Sarah and Mike's Engagement Pictures

This autumn has been amazing, beautiful days, cool nights and tons of gorgeous leaves that cover the ground.  We have been blessed in so many ways this fall.  One of these blessings was meeting Sarah and Mike for their engagement photos.  We met them at Elmwood Park on one of the last beautiful afternoons. Warm sunlight lit the tall tress in the park creating brilliant gold tones. 

Sarah and Mike are an amazing couple.  Their love for each is evident.  I could see it in the way Mike adoringly looked at Sarah and how Sarah made Mike smile.  Their love was built with the bonds of friendship that has been cultivated and grown over time and distance.  Their love is real, honest and beautiful.  Throughout the photo-shoot they exchanged playful smiles, smirks, and even a bit of competitiveness.  After leaving Elmwood Park, we adventured into a local coffee shop in Dundee.  The coffee shop was warm and eclectic.  Mismatched tables and chairs were scattered around it.  We talked and enjoyed hot chocolate and lattes.  It was a great way to end the day.  We look forward to sharing the joy of their wedding day!