Plattsmouth Wedding - Kristina and Matt

"What is beauty but something that is responded to with emotion?  Courage, at least partly, is emotional.  All the splendor of life.  But the best of life is, in fact, emotional, then one wanted the highest, purest emotions: and that meant joy." - Sheldon Vanauken

Nestled in the rolling hills of Plattsmouth, NE a small community church was illuminated with the warm celebration of Matt and Kristina's Wedding.  Laughter, smiles and many tears were shared when Kristina received Matt's wedding gift; a red rose and a homemade scrapbook of drawings, poems, pictures, and a prayer for their marriage.  It was the perfect collection of his love for her.  Everyone cried, even me!  In the sanctuary Matt awaited the moment he would get to see his bride for the first time.  When he turned around to see her, tears fell.  Kristina looked simply beautiful!

Matt and Kristina's wedding was about the union, of families, friends, and with each other.  Their ceremony resounded with joy and promise.  During the ceremony they honored their mothers with roses.  Then, on the way to the reception, they made a special surprise stop to see their Grandmother in a nursing home.  They shared their joy with everyone.  

The reception was held at the historic Durum Museum.  The halls were elegantly ornate with colossal ceilings and gold trim.  In the center of the main hall a huge Christmas tree greeted every guest to the celebration. When the bridal party arrived we had a blast taking photographs in the old train station and on the trolly.  The evening was full of dancing and joy! We couldn't be happier for them.  Many blessings to them in the future.