Highlights of 2010: Engagements

Two souls, one heart. ~ French saying

We love engagement photograph sessions just as much as we love weddings! Some of our favorite engagement images have come from this year.  Each engagement session and each couple were unique and full of personality. We loved getting to know them and laughing with them.  The greatest thing about engagment pictures is that there are no rules and no limits.  Anything is possible.  That makes it exciting!  It has been a tremendous year. 

Next week in our Highlight series we will look at the funny moments of 2010.  So, for all our friends, get ready to see those silly pictures...

Kristina + Matt: Old Market

Jill + Scott: Mahoney ParkKatie + Matt: Downtown Omaha

Chelsea + Evan: Downtown Fremont

Trisha + Jordan: Pioneer's Park, Lincoln

Brianne + Beau: Downtown Omaha

Ashlee + Steve: Platte River

Sarah + Mike: Elmwood Park

Becky + Matt: Dundee

Lisa + Joel: Fremont and Countryside