Katie and Matt's Wedding

Our last wedding of 2010 took us to the Cyclone town of of Ames, Iowa, where a Nebraska girl married an Iowa boy.

We first met Matt and Katie in the summer, and immediately we were impressed by their character and deep love for each other.  Matt and Katie are a remarkable couple, full of life and devotion.  On their wedding day white winter snow dusted the ground with a sparkle of excitement.  Inside beautiful stained glass windows showered the church with gorgeous light.  It was the perfect winter day.

The ceremony was filled with abounding joy.  Katie and Matt glowed as they adoringly looked at each other.  Their vibrant personalities were reflected in many ways throughout the day.  The playful bantering of two football rivals, the fur Russian Trooper hats, and the dance-off down the aisle, where each bridal party member showed their best moves while Katie and Matt scored them, were just some of the many priceless moments during the day.  The evening was alive with laughter as the celebration began.  Friends and family are a priority for Katie and Matt, and the reception was one of the greatest parties that we have been to. Everyone danced till they couldn't dance any more.  One of the highlights of the evening was Matt's Thriller Dance.  The perfect execution and choreography would have made Michael Jackson proud.  Everyone celebrated the union of Katie and Matt!

We made many wonderful memories during this December wedding.  Many thanks to Katie and Matt for letting us be a part of their wedding day and their lives!