Brianne + Beau | Omaha, Nebraska

Our 1st wedding of 2011 began with a burst of excitement as we had the honor to celebrate the marriage of Beau and Brianne. The day was draped with stunning simplicity.  Black satin ribbons and white anemones with pale pink hues added rich elegance.

The whole day was filled with joy, from the moment Beau saw Brianne, to the celebration of the reception.  Beau and Brianne are the type of people who are always thinking of others.  Their love for each other was as evident as their love for all who shared in their special day with them.

Spring clouds held the potential of rain, creating the perfect mixture of sunlight and soft gray hues. Some of our favorite pictures were taken along a lane of trees at Boys Town.  Suddenly, the trees filled with sunlight turning them to a brilliant emerald green just as Beau and Brianne were embracing.  Matt was so excited, that he exclaimed, "Gem City!"  This made no sense to any of us, but produced much laughter, smiles and teasing.   

It is people like Beau and Brianne that make photography so much fun. They are the type of people who touch your heart and stay with you.  We wish them all the best!