Sam + David | Plattsmouth, Nebraska

On the day that Sam and David were married, white spring blossoms reveled their soft petals around Hosanna Lutheran Church in Plattsmouth, NE.  With high wispy white clouds and blue skies, the air was fresh with a breath of excitement.

Sam and David celebrated the union of their marriage with their family and friends.  Sam looked so elegant and relaxed throughout the day.  Her natural beauty was simply stunning.  She and David are an amazing couple, who share a deep love for each other.  We had such a fun time taking their photographs.  The bridal party was a riot of silliness.  After the wedding we made a quick stop at David’s favorite pool house. David loves playing pool so we couldn’t resist making the day all the more special for them.

Everything from the preparation to the reception at Arbor Hall was beautiful.  The reception was a combination of laughter and tears throughout the childhood video and Sam and David’s 1st dance to "Suddenly" by Billy Ocean.  It was a joyous night!  We were so honored to be a part of their day.  We wish them all the best!