Paul + Jennifer | Omaha, Nebraska

When thinking about Paul and Jennifer we smile.  We think of the outdoors, friendship and graciousness.  We think of their thoughtfullness in all things. Paul and Jennifer are such great people. 

Hidden away in the secret nooks of Boy's Town and on a rustic bridge along the West Papio trail we had the great pleasure of taking Jennifer and Paul's engagement pictures.  We began at Boy's Town, and then moved to the rustic bridge.  Both places perfectly highlighted Jennifer and Paul.

We made a lasting connection with them during this engagement session. Jennifer is the sweetest person that you could ever meet.  She is so personable and kind.  Paul is humorous and always brings a smile.  Our conversations with Paul and Jennifer drifted from their wedding preparations to their interests and life itself.  I particularly loved receiving advice about running from Paul.  Hopefully it will help in preparing for a 5K this fall!  We loved spending time with them and we anticipate their wedding!