Mike + Sarah | Omaha, Nebraska

For generations First Baptist Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa has been the place Sarah and her family have celebrated marriage.  Therefore it was the ideal place for Mike and Sarah to share their vows and begin their life together.   Their family and faith were woven throughout the whole day binding the two together.  When I think of Sarah and Mike I always smile.  They are sunlight, spilling joy everywhere they go. They are a cool breeze that calms and rememberers the past.  They are a warm flame of fire, they kindle life, passion, perseverance and faith. Their love is contagious.  

When we 1st met we were astonished and amazed at how similar our love stories were. Their wedding day was the same, the songs, the scripture readings, the colors and the celebration reminded us of our own wedding. During the vows I happened glance across the church at Matt (my husband), who smiled and lovingly looked at his own wedding ring. Tears silently ran down my cheeks.  Love was everywhere in that church it saturated everything.  We couldn't be happier for Mike and Sarah!