Megan + Thad | Lincoln, Nebraska

It was the beginning of summer when we met up with Megan and Thad in Lincoln for their engagement session.  The day was full of splendor and life.  Megan and Thad's love for music, books, and baseball flowed through our conversations and photographs like a cool breeze.  Their magnanimous personalities were contagious.  We had such an amazing time with both of them, in Lincoln, at the university's main campus.  The University of Nebraska is a place that all of us love.  It has charmed us with hidden treasures. 

We loved the story of how Thad proposed to Megan, their taste of music, and  thier willingness to go on an photography adventure with us!  Our time with Megan and Thad was full of laughter and their fun-loving nature. We are awaiting their marriage later this summer and we hope that the Cubs win a few games for their sake!