Maggie + Alex | Firth Nebraska

Just outside Firth, NE, near Maggie's childhood home, rolling farmlands swayed with summer's tall green corn. The peacefulness of the countryside ushered in the celebration of Maggie and Alex's wedding.  The ceremony and tent reception were intimate and graceful.  The day was filled with such depth, richness and beauty that both Matt and I were so grateful to be a part of such love.  Maggie and Alex's love is layered with time, friendship, and faith.  

Hidden in a grove of trees, Alex and Maggie first saw each other.  At that moment love engulfed them with tears of overwhelming joy.  It was a moment we will never forget. Maggie and Alex are so much fun to be around.  Alex can always make Maggie laugh and Maggie brings a smile to Alex's face.

The wedding and celebration that followed were perfect. The tent was lit with family and friends dancing and enjoying the summer night.  As Maggie and Alex left the reception sparklers and stars twinkled in the night sky. Thank you for letting us share your joy!