Washa's Senior Pictures - Part 2

On a beautiful afternoon, I met Washa for her outdoor senior pictures. We met in downtown Fremont. The rugged walls and alleyways made a perfect background. The sunlight brought a warm glow to the cool crisp air. The seasons were begining to change.  Excitement filled our senses and brought out Washa's fun personality. Washa is a young woman full of potential and a zeal for life.  I had wonderful time getting to know her better. Best of luck to her in the future. 




Dusty's Senior Pictures

Our latest adventure into world of senior pictures brought Dusty to our studio.  This year we have had the privilege of working with some outstanding seniors in the Omaha area, and Dusty was one of them. Behind the lens of my camera I have the opportunity of capturing the individual personalities of each senior.  I love hearing their stories and learning their likes and dislikes.  My favorite moments were lying down on a soccer field near our studio as Dusty rocketed soccer balls over my head.  Dusty is an athlete.  He is also a scholar who has a bright future in whatever he decides to study.  Best of luck to Dusty and his future endeavors!

Jacob's Senior Pictures

We have had the tremendous pleasure this fall of meeting some outstanding seniors in our community.  Their character, their vision for the future, and their sincerity has set them all a part from many of their peers.  Getting to know people is what make us love the work that we do.  Jacob is an exceptional young man.  He is polite and good natured with a great sense of humor.  It was a joy to photograph him for his senior pictures.

The late afternoon portrait session took us to some places outside of downtown Fremont that we knew had character.  We spent time there and then traveled back to our studio for some formal portraits.  It was an amazing afternoon and early evening.  Best of luck to Jacob!

Stephan's Senior Pictures

I love the change of seasons.  Summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, with every change in seasons there is a freshness to life.  During times like this Abbie and I love to spend at least some time reflecting about where we are at in life.  Sometiemes it is during a dinner away from the kids, or it may be on a walk during the evening, or any other moment that we can stop for a bit. 

Lately we have been talking about why we love what we do as photographers.  It hit me today, when thinking about what I wanted to write, that it is people like Stephan that make us love what we do.  As photographers we get the awesome privilege to be a part of people's lives during the seasons that are most important to them.  We get to see them at their best.  We get to witness it, and we build a connection with these people through the images that we capture. 

Stephan is that type of person.  The guy who reminds you why you love what you do.  He is a diverse person with interests in all different areas.  It was great to hear about the musicians who inspired him to play the guitar, the song that made him stop and say, "I want to play that."  Stephan impressed us.  People are a treasure, and it is so great to be a part of their lives.

Colten's Senior Pictures

Colten's senoir pictures were taken just outside of Hooper on his family's farm. The autumn harvest and late afternoon sun filled the air with golden light.  Colten is an all american boy who helps out on the farm, enjoys playing football, never misses a husker game, and loves his dog.  It was great getting to know Colten.  Best of luck to him in his senior year.