Catie + Ben | Elkhorn, Nebraska

We had a hunch, a strong hunch.  Everytime on our way home from Omaha we would drive past Elkhorn wondering what hidden treasures could be found in this quiet and quaint town.  We really like to find new and exciting locations for each couple that we photograph.  After much thought and consideration about Catie and Ben, we decided to give Elkhorn a try, and it didn't disappoint us.  

We met up with Catie and Ben at the Scooters and from there we went to our first location.  They had dressed perfectly for what we had envisioned.  The old rustic barn outside of downtown, the field of goldenrods in the evening light, and a historic brick street provided the ideal backdrops for our experience.  Immediately when the shutter was first released, there was magic.  Ben has this incredible way of making Catie smile so that their personalities become larger than life.  She is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart and he can see the joy of life in all things.  Together they make a perfect couple.  Michelangelo once said that it was his job to set free his scupltures from their raw blocks of marble.  It was our task to set Catie and Ben free in the frame of cameras.  We can't wait for their wedding day this fall.

Elkhorn High School | Dance Team


Presenting the 2011 winners of the Class B Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Competitions!

Elkhorn High School's Dance Team won 1st place in both the Jazz and Hip Hop.  We had the privilege of honoring their achievement through our photography.  The Elkhorn Dance Team was full of energy, joyful spirits and excitement, from receiving such high awards. This amazing group of girls is the pride of Elkhorn!