Many thanks to  Kameron Bayne  for the portrait!

Many thanks to Kameron Bayne for the portrait!


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Matt + Abbie

Abbie: Our love began by looking up at the stars together.  On that night I asked Matt if you could smell like anything what would it be.  Thoughtfully Matt smiled and said, "I would smell like coffee in the morning and the smell after a spring rain."  With these words I was instantly in love.

Matt: When I asked Abbie the same question, she confidently answered, "my mother and grandmother's lilacs and my father's sawdust and wood chips."  Yes, she said saw dust!  I was perplexed.

We laugh at these memories now, but something about them is who we really are.  Both responses contained meaning that reveals us.  Matt is at home in the quiet of the morning with a day of possibility in front of him.  Abbie loves how the smallest of flowers can fill an entire room with the sweetest fragrance.  The spring rain brings life, clarity and growth, and sawdust is the product of creating.  We are dreamers.  We find inspiration in the poetry of life, the poetry of nature, and the poetry of the family.  The camera and the photography are our pen and paper.

In the last four years we have been blessed with three adorable daughters.  It is our joy to share with our family and others the beauty of relationships through photography.  Our passion is to capture in the frame of a photograph the connections between people and their journey. 

We strive to be like an old growth rain forest, a mountain stream and rocks smoothed by centuries of wind and water.  It is our joy to create photographs that tell a story and to capture moments that are lasting.  We value the past, have faith for the future and love to take others with us.   Come take a walk with us.